Change Log

This page summers up the features and main changes brought by the various Roboconf versions.

Version 0.3

Roboconf 0.3 brings performance enhancements for cloud deployments.
Machine creation goes faster than before, and their configuration is done asynchronously and in parallel. It results that big deployments are performed more quickly than before.

The team also worked on reusability issues for recipes. We set up a Github organization called Roboconf-recipes to share tested recipes. Feel free to use them and contribute. Eventually, we improved tooling support, by completing our Maven plug-in, by creating a documentation generator, and by upgrading existing editors, like, to support Roboconf’s DSL.

Version 0.2

Roboconf 0.2 is the first OSGified version of Roboconf.

Both the DM and the agent are OSGi applications. And both are packaged as Karaf distributions.
This version is also more robust, more modular and easily extensible. The Roboconf DSL was also completed and is now stable.

Version 0.1

Version 0.1 is the first stable release of Roboconf.

In this version, the Deployment Manager (DM) is a web application that can be deployed in any application server.
And the Roboconf agent is a stand-alone Java application.