Web Site Organization

The web site is generated from a Git repository.
Every time one pushes modifications on the Git repository, the web site is built by Jekyll and published on GitHub pages.

Jekyll generates static HTML files.
As a reminder, to build the web site locally, you must:

# Simply build the web site.
# The generated files will be located under _site
jekyll build

# Continuously build the web site.
# The web site can be visited at http://localhost:4000
jekyll serve -w

The key file in the roboconf.github.io repository is the _config.yml file.
It is used by Jekyll to configure the generation. It also contains information for i18n.

General Organization

The web site is designed to be completely translated.
This includes both page contents and page URLs. Therefore, it is entirely optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The structure of the sources is the following :


For a given language, the web site is organized as follows:


Internationalization is handled through two means.
Menus names are translated in a YML file (under data).

    icon: gb.png
    language: English
    menu-lang: Language

Be careful to YAML.
A sub-element is indented by 2 spaces. No tabulation.

URLs are translated in a YML file (under data).

  en: support
  fr: support

The en and fr suffix point to a Markdown file (*.md).
The translated page is contained into this file.


Pages must respect the following guidelines.

title: "The Management REST API"
layout: page
cat: "dg-snapshot"
id: "rest-api-management"
menus: [ "developers", "developer-guide" ]