New & Noteworthy

This page lists the enhancements and new features brought by Roboconf 0.3.

Better Performances for Cloud Deployments

VM configuration is now made in background/asynchronous mode and in parallel.
It results in much faster deployments when there are a lot of virtual machines.

Cloud deployment in AWS

Reusable Recipes

We have set up all the mechanics to define and reuse recipes.
Recipes are defined and managed independently.

A Git repository for an Apache recipe

To use a recipe, reference its artifact…

Declare a dependency in your POM

… and import the graph definition.

Import the graph definition

Documentation Generator

An example of generated documentation

We created a tool to generate documentation from your Roboconf applications.
It comes with several options, output formats and languages.

The Bash plug-in becomes the Script plug-in

We have extended the scope of the Bash plug-in to support any script.
Bash, Shell, Perl and Python are just examples. But this gives quite a lot of new possibilities.

The script plug-in

Roboconf’s DSL support in support


A lot of tiny enhancements have been brought to this new version.
And many bugs were fixed too. Please, refer to the release notes for details.