New & Noteworthy

This page lists the enhancements and new features brought by Roboconf 0.4.

Debian Packages

You can now install Roboconf’s manager and agents in (almost) a single command-line thanks to Debian packages.

sudo apt-get install roboconf-dm
sudo apt-get install roboconf-agent

Debian packages for Roboconf

Docker Enhancements

Enhanced Docker support

Web Administration

The web administration was completely reworked.

Listing applications

Instances management was improved.
Listing instances in an application

Available actions and display were reviewed.
Managing a given instance

Instance creation is now possible.
Creating new instances in an application

The menu was reduced and made contextual.
Contextual menu

Application Templates

Applications are now all created from a skeleton (or template).
Upload a ZIP defining an application and instantiate it as many as times as you want.

Create a new application from a template

Applications and application templates are managed separately.
Listing application templates

Apache Storm Tutorial

A tutorial was written to show how one can deploy a light « Big Data » stack based on Apache Storm.
It explains the basis of Storm, how its deployment is managed by Roboconf and how to run it.

Apache Storm with Roboconf


A lot of enhancements have been brought to this new version.
And many bugs were fixed too. Please, refer to the release notes for details.