New & Noteworthy

This page lists the enhancements and new features brought by Roboconf 0.7.

RPM Packages

RPM packages are now available to install Roboconf on CentOS, Fedora and related systems.

yum install roboconf-dm
yum install roboconf-agent

RPM packages for Roboconf

Docker Images

Docker images for Roboconf are now available on Docker Hub.

docker pull roboconf/roboconf-dm
docker run…

Docker images for Roboconf

Scheduled Execution of Roboconf Commands

Roboconf commands (which are scripted admin instructions) can now be executed through scheduling.
The web administration allows to associate CRON expressions with these commands.

Scheduled execution of Roboconf commands

Eclipse Tooling

Eclipse tools were drastically improved.
Text editors now provide auto-completion features.

Auto-completion in Eclipse

There are also on-the-fly validators…

Validation on-the-fly in Eclipse

… and a new graphical modeler for graph(s).

Graphical modeler in Eclipse

This last editor was created within the scope of the OCCIware project.
This project aims at improving cloud standards thanks to OCCI, an open specification managed by the OGF community. OCCIware includes the development of tools in relation with modeling approaches.

Handle Broken Connections to RabbitMQ

Sometimes, connections between RabbitMQ and Roboconf clients (DM and agents) can be broken.
Roboconf now supports these situations by automatically reconnecting when it happens.

Handle broken connections with RabbitMQ

Documentation Generators Completed

Documentation generators were completed.
They can now output FOP stylesheets and PDF documents.

Generate project documentation in PDF


A lot of enhancements have been brought to this new version.
And many bugs were fixed too. Please, refer to the release notes for details.