New & Noteworthy

This page lists the enhancements and new features brought by Roboconf 0.8.


An important work has been done about security.

Web Console in HTTPS

Other tasks are planned about security for the next version.

New Deployment Topologies

Several deployment topologies are now possible with Roboconf.
The last upgrade was about introducing Roboconf domains.

An installation with several DMs

Please, refer to this page for more examples.

Internationalization of the Web Administration

The web administration has been internationalized.

Internationalization of the web console

Administrators can set the default language in the DM’s preferences.

# The user language (e.g. for the web console).
# Possible values:
#  - EN (for English)
#  - FR (for French)
user.language = EN

For the moment, English and French translations have been provided.

Customizing the Look’n’Feel of the Web Administration

It is now possible to add its own CSS file and image banner for Roboconf’s web administration.

Web administration with custom CSS and banner image

Documentation for our REST API

There is now a Swagger UI installation on our web site to get information about our REST API and web socket.

Swagger UI

Mavenized Deployment Targets

Deployment targets could already be defined in the web administration or embedded in application templates. They can now be packaged independently and managed as stand-alone Maven artifacts that you can deploy with the web administration.

Deployment targets

Fine-Grained Associations for Deployment Targets

Deployment targets can be associated with applications (default setting), with specific instances…

Associate targets with instances

… and now with components.
This brings a lot more flexibility when defining these associations.

Associate targets with components

Monitoring with Apache Decanter and ELK

We wrote a tutorial to show how to use Apache Decanter, Elastic Search and Kibana to monitor Roboconf installations. For the moment, we mainly monitor OS and agent metrics. Applications monitoring will be shown later.

Example of Kibana dashboard for Roboconf

Advanced Machine Configurations

Configuration scripts can now be added to deployment targets to complete machine configurations.

Completing machine configuration

Formerly, we could only bind two applications together (1-1 relation).
Now, these bounds can follow a 1-* relation.

1-n relations for inter-application links

Object Storage Configuration in Openstack

Roboconf can now create domains in Openstack’s Swift component.

Support of object storage in Openstack

OCCI Infrastructure Support

Roboconf can now manage cloud infrastructures by using the REST specification OCCI Infrastructure.

Support OCCI Infrastructure


A lot of enhancements have been brought to this new version.
And many bugs were fixed too. Please, refer to the release notes for details.