Projects that use Roboconf

This page lists other projects that use or are related to Roboconf.

« Open PaaS »

Open PaaS is an Enterprise Social Network. Developed as open source software by Linagora, Open PaaS aims at reinventing collaborations within organizations. It thus provides advanced features for messaging, contacts and professional communities management. Built upon web standards, this platform uses Roboconf to drive and adapt its deployment topology in cloud infrastructures.

The web site is a sub-project of Open PaaS.
Free and fully open source, is a robust alternative to Skype and Google Hangout.

« OCCIware »

OCCIware is a Research project that aims at completing OCCI specifiations and developing a set of related tools. OCCI by itself is a set of open specifications with a focus to standardize cloud APIs management. Roboconf is part of the project to contribute to these new tools. It also acts as use case to benefit from REST APIs based on OCCI.

« gSafe »

gSafe is a Research project that involves industrial and academic partners. gSafe aims at building secured digital storage with a focus on standards and interoperability. This platform uses Roboconf as the mediation layer between the developed software and cloud infrastructures.

« ECOM »

ECOM is a student project that aims at implementing and setting up an e-trade application.
It is practical work for graduate students in Software Engineering at Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France).

« Student’s Research Project »

A research project for graduate students at Université Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, France).
The project is about creating a XText grammar and editor for Roboconf’s DSL. A practical session about Roboconf is also done so that users see how it works.