Reusable Slides

A set of slides is available on this web site.
You can reuse them for you presentations (training, courses, conferences…).
You can also copy and adapt them for your own context.

Short presentation (use cases)

Long presentation (general and technical)

They are based on reveal.js.
You can copy the HTML page and remove or add sections.

To print them, click the printing links.
Printing should rather be used with Chrome or Chromium. It is not guaranted to work on other web browsers.

Several style sheets (CSS) are available.
But you can create and use your own one if you want.

To switch the style, update the CSS mark-up in the HTML presentation.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/roboconf.css" id="theme">

Diagrams were designed with
Slides and diagram sources are available on GitHub.

Eventually, you can generate PDF from this (or your derived) presentation.
See the instructions on reveal’s readme.