Roboconf Commands Scheduling

Roboconf allows to schedule the execution of commands.
As an example, you may want to launch a new server instance every week morning and stop it the evening, when people go home.

Scheduling can be managed through the web administration.
The scheduler top menu lists all the jobs. It is also possible to find the jobs associated with a specific application.

Listing scheduled jobs

Scheduled jobs associate:

  1. A Roboconf application.
  2. A Roboconf command file (a set of Roboconf instructions).
  3. A CRON expression to specify the period.

Scheduling a new job

The underlying engine used by Roboconf is Quartz.
Although the web administration provides a visual editor to build CRON expressions, you may want to verify the syntax, as Quartz is very strict about it. In case of error, the web administration will tell you.

Scheduling a new job with the editor

Jobs can be edited or deleted, but cannot be suspended.

Reading properties of a job